Top 12 Destinations That Define The Beauty of Bicol Region

Thought by many to be a typhoon-laden area, Region V is more known for storms than the scenic tourist spots in Bicol. True enough, natural calamities seem to have taken a liking on the rural areas of the Bicol region, hindering many people to look past the erratic weather, and see the beauty of the said region.

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To most people, Bicol is synonymous to the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. But beyond that, there really isn’t much knowledge about how beautiful each of the 6 provinces are. Read on and discover the best of each Bicol province through this list of Bicol’s top 12 destinations.


1. Halea Nature Park, Monreal

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Reminiscent of the beautiful beaches of Palawan, this paradise is nestled in Monreal, Masbate within the long strip of the Ticao Island. Tourists are sure to fall in love at the first sight of its emerald waters loomed over by lush greens and towering rock formations. It is also home to a diversity of marine life that makes the whole experience even more filled with unadulterated nature tripping.

2. Catandayagan Falls, Ticao

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We’re quite sure you have not seen anything like this falls before. Still cradled in the long strip of Ticao Island, Catandayagan Falls stands tall at approximately 100 feet. Apart from the majestic rock formation that surrounds it, it stands out as the only waterfall in the area which empties its waters directly to the ocean. That’s witnessing two breathtaking bodies of water in just one trip.


3. Subic Beach, Matnog

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Located at a town that’s usually a jump off point to Masbate, this Pink Sand Beach in Subic Matnog has gained popularity from tourists from different parts of the world. It may sound weird to think of a fine sand beach where the sand is pink, but visit this paradise and you’ll see for yourself how the powdery sand in its shores turn pinkish, especially when kissed by the waves.

4. Lola Sayong Surf Camp, Gubat

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If you find flights to Siargao too expensive, or if the waves in La Union and Baler scare the beginner surfer in you, you don’t really have to worry anymore. Lola Sayong Surf Camp in Gubat, Sorsogon is sure to offer you the friendliest waves and the softest shores to crash on. Their dedicated trainers and utmost respect to mother nature will definitely set your heart towards the sea, making you want to pick up that surfboard and glide through the waves.


5. Cagsawa Ruins, Legazpi

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Right in the heart of Legazpi, Cagsawa Ruins remains one of the most historical spots of the region up to this day. Situated at the foot of the world’s most perfect cone, Mount Mayon, it features the remnants of a church’s belfry which was the only thing that survived during Mayon’s first eruption. It also features several adrenaline-filled activities like ATV riding and trekking along the skirts of the volcano.

6. Sumlang Lake, Camalig

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If you’re not up to some action-filled adventure and is more of the relaxed type of traveler, you may still enjoy some peace and quiet as you digest the beauty of Mount Mayon. Head to Sumlang Lake in Camalig, Albay where you can simply enjoy the fresh air while staring at the gigantic perfection of the country’s most popular volcano. Relax in beautifully crafted ratan benches or go on a raft ride around the lake as you take pictures of this extremely Instagram worthy haven.


7. Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur

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After being featured as the castaway island of many versions of the hit TV series Survivor, a lot of people have started giving attention to the island of Caramoan. Resorts eventually popped up in several places around the island, but one of them stands out as the premier resort in the area. Tugawe Cove Resort offers you the pure serenity of this beautiful island by keeping you from the crowd and lets you encounter the best that the Island has to offer. Dive into a tropical world of pristine coves, lush greeneries, mystic caves, and a lot more at Caramoan Island.

8. Camsur Watersports Complex, Pili

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From laidback activities like kayaking to thrilling ones like wakeboarding, Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) is perfect for those wanting to splash around. This man-made water complex offers a ton of activities that would definitely satisfy all your thirst for some water fun. With its top of the line facilities and relaxing environment, there is no doubt this destination draws water sports enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.


9. Calaguas Beach, Vinzons

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Shortly after Caramoan gained popularity among thalassophiles, Calaguas gradually became one of the most sought after destinations in Bicol. Dubbed by many as the new Boracay, this beach prides itself with extremely fine white sand and calm waters that are perfect for lazing around. It also holds some of the most beautiful sunsets with pastel colors bursting in the skies as its clear waters glisten on the horizon.

10. Apuao Grande Island, Daet

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It may not be known to many, but Apuao Grande has had its fair share of being one of Camarines Norte’s top beach destinations. It features a white sand shoreline and a remarkable sand bar and is part of the seven Mercedes Islands. While it is perfect for those who like to wade in the water and pass time, Apuao Grande also offers other activities like kayaking and hobie cat sailing. And if you’re up for some rustic beach feels, you may check out the ruins of an abandoned resort near its shores.


11. Binurong Point, Baras

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One of the rather new attractions that has just recently gained interest among trekkers is Binurong Point. Famous for its Batanes-like view, a 20-30 minute walk under its lush canopy of trees will lead you to an astounding view of rolling hills, towering cliffs, and humongous limestone karsts carved to perfection by the incessant waves of the Philippine Sea. Satiate your craving for majestic land and seascape at this stunning destination in Catanduanes.

12. Maribina Falls, Bato

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There may not be any luxurious restaurants or resorts around the area of Maribina Falls, but that’s the entire charm of this destination. Named after its nearby towns Marinawa and Binanwahan, Maribina Falls is the most popular and most accessible waterfall in this area of Bato, Camarines Sur. It boasts of a 5-6 meter waterfalls that burst with gushing rapids of clear and refreshing water. With only a few cottages around the area, it compels you to be closer to mother nature by simply picking a spot and going picnicking by the falls.

These are only some of the amazing destinations you can explore in Region V. Were pretty sure you can find a lot more tourist spots in Bicol with its diverse vegetation and rich cultural and natural resources.