Travel Manners You Should Know About

Travel has become a big thing recently. A lot of people have been posting photos of their trips, sharing their budget-travel experience, plotting routes for an extensive road trip, and so on. For instance, people are not just satisfied with going on an island trip. They want to go somewhere people have not been to as much, like Langkawi island in Malaysia. And so they look for a Langkawi accommodation or hotel they can stay in, tours, restaurants, and key destinations.

But with travel comes the occasional slip in manners. Here we will talk about the unspoken rules of travel and how we should behave while on the road.

Plane manners

Be wary of people’s personal space

There’s always that one person who hogs the armrest, whose long hair is over their headrest so it hangs right in front of you, and the annoying seat kicker at the back. Sometimes that person is you. Always be conscious of other people when you’re travelling, whether on board a plane or commuting in a foreign place. If you want to recline or rest your arm, look around first for people you might disturb.

Don’t do any kind of personal grooming when you’re travelling

Or at least do it in the privacy of your hotel room. Never ever do it while you’re out and about, it’s quite rude. If you have to comb your hair, clip your nails, or clean your ears, retreat to the restroom.

If someone keeps prattling on and you want them to stop, tell them

A lot of people think it’s rude to tell other people to quiet down when you’re on the plane, but truthfully, it’s even more impolite if you get angry at the last minute. If they’ve been bothering you since the start of the journey, don’t be afraid to clear the air and tell them. Some people suddenly burst out in anger, and what you want is to avoid that because it will create more conflict. So if you feel like they are being noisy from the start, inform them.

Travel bag

Mind the size of your carry on bag

Always be mindful of the size of your carry on bag. Bulky bags will bump and batter people you are walking with in the airport, those you will be sitting with in the train, and so on. Some people have bags that are bigger than they are, and there’s just no place for it when you’re travelling. Just keep it simple, bring a reasonably sized carry on bag.

Another important thing you might want to remember is certain countries have clothing restrictions you should take note of to show that you respect their culture and tradition. There are still a lot of rules and manners people seem to ignore when they’re travelling. Just keep this list in mind and be conscious of how your actions are affecting your fellow travellers.