The Ultimate Guide to Malaysia’s Best Destinations

Malaysia is known around the world as the ultimate cultural melting pot. The country has invited people from all cultures and traditions to live within its peninsula, from the neighbouring countries in Asia to the far reaches of the West. This is why while Malaysia is a Muslim community, you will still see different practices being shared in various temples, restaurants, shops, and cultural shows.

But more than just than the various history and heritage that can be found in Malaysia, it is also home to such a diverse landscape. A traveller can go from the urban jungles of its city centres, to beautiful and pristine beaches, and on to actual lush green jungles filled with gorgeous flora and fauna. For this reason, people get overwhelmed with the things they can do in Malaysia, they end up having no clue about how to maximise their stay there.

Luckily, you won’t have that same problem because here we’ll explore Malaysia’s must-not-miss destinations and the activities you can enjoy doing in each one. So before you book a Kuala Lumpur accommodation and pack those bags, let’s work on your itinerary!

Kuala Lumpur

You will most likely go to the capital first, Kuala Lumpur. This is Malaysia’s biggest economic hub, boasting the busiest business district in the country. At each turn, you will see shops and restaurants filled with the most eager customers and employees all rushing about to get to their workplace.

A popular site to see here are the Petronas Twin Towers, dominating the Kuala Lumpur city centre skyline at an amazing 1,500 feet high. If  height is not an issue for you, consider walking the bridge that connects both towers and get an impressive view of the city.

But apart from the towers, Kuala Lumpur offers other worthwhile destinations. Visit the Batu Caves if you want to know what it feels to be like Indiana Jones, minus the death-defying stunts.

You can also drop by the Perdana Lake Gardens where a bird park is located, so you can check out which species take sanctuary in the city. For those looking to have a good night out, you may go to Bukit Bintang, one of the liveliest entertainment and shopping districts in KL.

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Penang and Georgetown

There’s something enchanting about a place where time travel is possible. Well, not exactly the science fiction time travel we know from films. But a place where history and old-world glamour has been preserved perfectly so that travellers can feel like they were traversing the streets during the colonial times. That is what Penang can do for you.

Immerse yourself in Malaysia’s history and visit exciting destinations that mix culture and heritage with the modern and urban. Make your way to Georgetown, an UNESCO World Heritage Site where its road can lead you to places like the Kek Lok Si Temple, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Khoo Kongsi, and more. On your stroll around the country, you may also find their famous wall arts made by some of the local artists, mostly painted on or installed with recycled materials.

If you want to relax, though, you can cycle around Balik Pulau. It takes you away from frenetic city vibe and into the rural outskirts of Penang. The best way to appreciate this is if you cycle around the area either at sunrise or as soon as the day is about the end and all you can see is an endless sky of lilac and tangerine.



Another city that offers rich heritage is Melaka, also declared a UNESCO Heritage Site back in 2008. It used to be a Portugal-trading spot since its location, between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, is strategic.

There are temples you can visit around the city, but the appeal of Melaka is its laid-back, casual vibe. Most visitors come here to enjoy gorging on food in holes-in-the-wall restaurants and different hawker centres.

A good way to end the day would be to stroll by the port and watch the sunset. That is the ultimate indulgent stay you can treat yourself to.

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands

Now that you’ve had your fill of buildings and colonial architecture, it’s time to get yourself to a whole new setting: underwater. Nothing can be more exciting than taking a dive in the Perhentian Islands, a popular destination for amateur and professional divers.

Enjoy its crystal clear waters and swim with a diverse marine life like sea turtles, reef fish, and friendly sharks. Or you can just lounge about by the shore and enjoy a few cocktails.

Be wary though, the month of July is usually its peak month so the Perhentian Islands might be packed full of tourists.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Retreat to nature at Cameron Highlands. This is probably one of the few places in Southeast Asia where you can wear thick sweaters, scarves, and jackets. Once you make your way up the Cameron Highlands, consider camping because it’s going to make you enjoy the lush greenery even more. On your hike there make sure you take a snapshot of the flora and fauna you can find especially in the Taman Negara National Park.


Langkawi Sky Bridge

A lot of tourists go to Langkawi because of the fine-sand beaches that can be found here. That’s cool, and you can definitely do that too!

But Langkawi has other gems that offer an exciting experience to travellers. For instance, you can drop by the Langkawi Cable Car which will take you to a breathtaking ride up the Mat Cincang, the second highest peak in Langkawi.

Before you reach the summit, though, there are two stops you on your trip up. The first one is a viewing deck that will give you the perfect 360 view of the island. The second stop will take you to a much higher vista where hills and rainforests wait.

You can also visit Gunung Raya, the highest mountain in the island. The diverse wildlife you can find here includes macaque monkeys, mountain hawk eagles, great hornbills, flying foxes, and more.

If it’s museums you want, you can also drop by the Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum. It is a three-storey building with nine interactive zones which features 200 art pieces. The zones you can visit are aquatic, fantasy, safari, and more.

So see? You can go from cities filled with skyscrapers to rainforests and beaches. Enjoy the diverse landscape offered by Malaysia and visit these awesome destinations! Next up in our series, the Ultimate Guide to Malaysia’s Delectable Dishes!