Up to 25% With Great Deals From Jinjiang Inn Makati

Jinjiang Inn Makati is one of the best choices for a stay in the Makati area. Whether you’re in town for a business trip or an overnight staycation with the family, you can rest assured with Jinjiang. Enjoy well-appointed accommodation and essential facilities for a relaxing stay.

While Jinjiang Inn Makati prides itself in being a business boutique hotel offering comfort and convenience at a value for money, However, during special occasions, you can still get unique discounts for the stays you’re planning!

Right now, Jinjiang Inn Makati has three promos on offer. First is the Advance Purchase Package. This is for you if your business meetings get scheduled a lot in advance or if your family plans outings way ahead of time. The minimum lead time is 14 days, or two weeks, in advance to book so you can avail of a 20% discount on Jinjiang’s offered room rates.

Second, they have their Weekend Promo. This one is only valid on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If you decide to stay in either a Business Room (2 single beds or 1 king-sized bed) or a Triple Room (1 single bed or 1 queen-sized bed) AND on any of the valid dates, you get a 20% discounts as well on regular rates. This one’s good for staycationers or people who’ll have to stay over the weekend for a business conference or seminar nearby.

Lastly, Jinjiang has its Golden Week Sale. The Golden Week is a Chinese and Japanese holiday wherein employees are given one to two weeks off to have a vacation and rest while factories would shut down and businesses stopped nationwide. For those who might be entertaining family and friends from the mainland or taking some well-needed time off themselves, staying at Jinjiang is a good idea. If you book 2 consecutive nights or more, you get a 25% discount on your room rates.

What’s great about all these promos is that you get to stay at a reputable and well-appointed hotel in a convenient location, all while getting the best value for your money. You don’t have to compromise any of the regular amenities and facilities you would receive with a regular booking. So if you’re going to be in Makati City for business or leisure, check out Jinjiang Inn Makati!

Promo details and policies may change without prior notice, but information in your confirmation email will still be honored.