Want To Know If He or She’s The One? Take Them On A Weekend Date In Manila

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Bill Murray once said: “If you have someone who you think is The One, take that person and travel around the world. Go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And if when you come back to JFK, when you land in JFK, and you’re still in love with that person, get married at the airport.

So you’ve been dating for quite some time and you’re thinking about kicking things up to the next level, but you really want to make sure first. There’s a sure-fire way to know if they are worth it. Manila, even with all its historical significance and undeniable charm, is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, with these tips on the things to do in Manila, you can enjoy a weekend date and see if he or she could be The One:

  1. Food adventures in Binondo
    Photo courtesy of Rei-Insoy Niñal. All rights reserved.

    Both of you should enjoy the same things like eating together. Do they have allergies? Do they chew with their mouth open? Would they share their food? Would they yell at you when they are hangry? You need to know these things. You’ll never run out of restaurants and holes-in-the wall to explore here in Binondo. All you need is time, patience, and a large appetite.

2. Art appreciation at National Museum

Photo courtesy of Rei-Insoy Niñal. All rights reserved.

Aside from talking about how their day went and the latest on that TV show you both like, do they appreciate art and other fine things? Do they think it’s boring? Can they take cool photos for your IG? These are important things! Check out the National Museum’s social media pages for the latest exhibitions and gallery hours.

3. History lesson in Luneta, Intramuros

Photo courtesy of Rei-Insoy Niñal. All rights reserved.

The climate in Manila could only be just two things: hot and sticky or dripping wet. Watch them react to the smoke and traffic while strolling along the city’s most famous and historical landmarks. Do they pay attention? Are they easily annoyed? Do they complain much? These are just some things to ponder.

4. Party along Escolta 

Photo courtesy of Escola Block Party. All rights reserved.

In the daytime, Escolta is a busy strip with interesting shops and old buildings. At night, it turns into a hip block party where you can buy stuff from local artisans, eat gourmet street food, and drink cheap booze while dancing in the street. Will your partner enjoy the environment?  Or would they be a party pooper and ask to just go back to your hotel? Will they check out other people when they think you’re not looking? There’s only one way to find out and this is the right place to do it.

5. Let Manila Bay do its magic

Photo courtesy of Rei-Insoy Niñal. All rights reserved.

If after all of the things you went through on this trip, you still like them and they still like you then lucky for you both. Sit in silence along Manila Bay and enjoy the sunset and the breeze with your partner-in-crime. Good luck!


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