Welcome to the New Somerset Inn Maldives Website!

Sometimes, the only thing that’s keeping us from booking a Maldives trip isn’t the budget or the time, it’s the website. There are lots of hotels and inns to choose from, so the first thing we do is find one a lot of people are vouching for. The problem is, some websites look like they haven’t been updated for 10 years, both in content and design. So while there are so many reviews for it, you just can’t help but second guess everyone.

Somerset Inn Maldives

This is why Somerset Inn Maldives decided to revamp their website. Their known to offer modish accommodation and excellent service at a budget-friendly price. They want to be able to show that through a website which doesn’t just have all the information a traveler might need, but the ease-of-use that makes booking so much more convenient.

Enough introductions, let’s look at the website!

Home page

The Somerset Inn Maldives home page is a bite-sized information guide of what the budget hotel offers. After a concise introduction of the hotel and its rooms, you’ll see icons of their services and huge pictures of their Maldives accommodation.

Somerset Inn Maldives_Home

They’ve provided easy access to some of their promotions, the biggest discounts you can get when you book through the website. As well as feature their gallery so visitors can easily browse through their facilities.

Rooms page

There are only two types of rooms at The Somerset Inn Maldives, but there’s so much amenities that come with booking any one of the accommodations.

Somerset Inn Maldives_Room

The rooms page offers a breakdown of everything you can enjoy during your stay at the inn, as well as the unique features of each room.

Promotions page

The general travel rule is if you can find a bargain for a very sought-after destination, you make sure you grab hold of it.

Somerset Inn Maldives_Promo

Luckily for us, The Somerset Inn Maldives feature round-the-year promos offering huge accommodation discounts. That’s one less expense to worry about when planning a tropical island getaway at the Maldives. So this is definitely one of the pages you’ll want to check constantly.

Location page

The Somerset Inn Maldives is located right at the heart of the Male city. It’s only a few minutes away from some of the key destinations that you might find interesting on your visit.

Somerset Inn Maldives_Location

The locations page gives you a brief summary of the sites you can go to that’s within a short distance to the hotel. There’s a handy map to show you where each one is located, as well as some of the other locations you might want to check out.

There really is no reason to put off that trip to the Maldives you’ve been planning for a long time. Head on over to the newly revamped Somerset Inn Maldives website and book your stay now!