Step Into Fundacion Pacita’s Newest Art Gallery

When you see colorful swirls, you will see the wonderful works of Pacita Abad. Get to know more about the internationally acclaimed artist through her famous picturesque accommodation Fundacion Pacita.

Set on top of high hills, visitors would fly over oceans for an unforgettable experience. Here, Batanes welcomes you to a bed and breakfast stay between the breathtaking view of the land and sea.

Besides the artistic rooms of Fundacion Pacita, there’s also a dining area known as Cafe Du Tukon where guests can enjoy fresh meals during their stay. They also have access to one of the most serene places that’s only a few walks away.

Now open to the public, this special art gallery in Batanes is a new feature of Fundacion Pacita that displays the fine art works of Pacita Abad. Also known as Galerie du Tulaan, it strongly emphasizes the art and culture of the Ivatan people by showing other art works of rising artists.

For a better understanding of Batanes, get to know their featured artist, Pio Abad, where his artworks also tell a story of his primary home and his adventures beyond.

Featured Artist: Pio Abad

Fundacion Pacita is also open for long getaways with families and friends. So plan an unforgettable experience here away from the hectic city life and check out this new art gallery. Fundacion Pacita will always stay where it is, among the grand natural landscape. To know more of the hotel and for room reservations, visit directly at