Why Climbing Mountains Should Be Your Thing In Legazpi City

If you’re thinking about climbing the Mayon mountain, think again because this is not referring to that. Though there are others still available and safer to climb, the Masaraga and Malinao is an adventure waiting for you at the top. Known as the sister mountains of the city, their landscape views emphasises their rich greenery and summits that you can embrace while you’re near the clear white skies. If you never climbed before, why not make this your first time?

This adventurous paradise happens to the capital of Philippine’s well known provinces. Even though they have an active volcano, many outdoor enthusiasts like to visit for the ultimate experience of their life. Here in the city, it’s also easy and convenient to book a hotel. Legazpi City is filled with activities that you can share with your friends and family. When it comes to climbing mountains, it’s best to go with a group who wants to share the same outdoor experience as you.

For those who are not so much for the outdoors, consider this as a challenge for you to get out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re an expert or not, it’s an activity that can be something for everyone. It will not only enrich a part of your stage in life but it will also test your emotional strength and how you cope. It’s a challenging exercise but it will certainly have its rewards in the end. You’ll learn plenty about yourself and it’s a good way to clear your head. Once you reach to the top, you will realize that you didn’t go just for the view but for your own well being. In such a place like Legazpi City, you can get wonderful experiences out of it no matter where you go or stay. After your climb, you can always go on a food trip within the city that will make you feel good after all that.

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