Why Isla Mujeres May Be the Chillest Place in Mexico

The Mexican Caribbean is known for some of the best beach vacation spots in the world. For those who like to party, the famous island of Cancun comes to mind. But what if you’re the type who want to shy away from rowdy beach parties and would rather have a peaceful and relaxed vacation? Fortunately, there’s a place in Mexico where you can escape to a more blissful time under the glorious Caribbean sun. Pack your bags for Isla Mujeres and discover why this may be the chillest place in the country.

from cgt Flickr
from cgt Flickr

Located just off the coast of Mexico, Isla Mujeres is just a 20-minute ferry away from Cancun. This tiny island is not really considered as a tourist haven. It does not have the notorious nightlife and commercial resort hotels that Cancun is known for. What it does have is the spirit of the Mexican Caribbean of the past back when there’s less party and more nature-tripping. You get some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, great food, and cozy hotels and inns.

It’s absolutely okay to do nothing
From Olivier Bruchez Flickr
From Olivier Bruchez Flickr

Isla Mujeres is all about relaxation. Sure, there’s still nightlife in here, but it’s nothing like the rowdy ones in Cancun. The clear blue waters and the uncrowded shores beckon you to just take a siesta on the sand, sip some margarita, and read a book. Staring at the great expanse of the Cancun skyline in the distance or the vast blue sea is the norm here. If you want to wake your dazed and sleepy bones, there are always water adventures to turn to. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. There’s a place where you can swim with dolphins.

You get to binge on mouth-watering Mexican and European fare
From Matthew Slimmer Flickr
From Matthew Slimmer Flickr

It’s a no-brainer that restaurants in Isla Mujeres serve sumptuous local fare, but unknown to many, the island is also known for its delicious Italian dishes and other European offerings. Isla Mujeres is very popular with Italian tourists. Along with the staple rum punch, tequila sunrise, and pina colada, you can also enjoy fine single malts and great martinis. We recommend the Swiss-owned Casa Rolandi and its heavenly grilled seafood (make sure to order the salmon), the more casual Rolandi’s (same owner) for pizza and pasta, and Sunset Grill on the north beach for seafood and guacamole.

Paying in cash is the norm, so don’t forget to load up on it before heading here. Not all establishments accept credit cards.

There are lots of intimate hotels with the best views

Forget big-name hotel chains. Here at Isla Mujeres, you can take your pick of small hotels and inns that offer basics and a little more. Nothing completes a Mexican Caribbean vacation more than having amazing views right in your hotel room. Beachfront properties are understandably in demand. We recommend The Hotel Rocamar, which overlooks the water and conveniently located in the downtown area, which gives easy access to restaurants, shops, bars, and of course, the beach.

The hotel as rooms equipped with king-size beds and has magnificent views of the sea. If waking up to the sight of the beautiful Caribbean ocean is a must for you, make sure to book one of these rooms.

If the view is not so important to you, there are rooms that look out to views of the town surrounding the property.

You can always go out to eat and get a massage, but if you would rather stay in the hotel for these purposes, the Hotel Rocamar has a restaurant and spa to serve your needs.

Plan your most relaxing Mexican vacation ever and make sure to book your rooms at The Hotel Rocamar. Visit their website for direct reservations.