You Heard It Here First: Announcing Royale Chulan The Curve’s New Website

Most users turn away when a website looks stale and the navigation is confusing. Who wouldn’t? If a website doesn’t look trustworthy or is too hard to use, there’s no point spending time browsing through it. Not to mention, in a time when most websites are competing for presence online, there’s a need to check whether your website needs updating.

Home Copy_Royale Chulan The Curve_New Website Look

Royale Chulan The Curve had the same idea. They wanted to make sure that navigation and booking through their website is seamless to do. That’s why while their website ranks high on search, the hotel in Kuala Lumpur wanted to up their game and make the online user experience even more convenient.

So, without further ado, announcing Royale Chulan The Curve’s newest look! Let’s check out the pages that matter.


Home Page_The Royale Chulan The Curve_New Website Look

In addition to a summary of what this Kuala Lumpur accommodation can offer, the Home page now features some of the promos guests can book. They will highlight only the best online rates you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You can also take a virtual tour of the hotel, like a sneak peek of what you can experience and see on your stay.


Room_Royale Chulan The Curve_New Website Look

The Rooms page layout offer guests with a concise look at what you can get from booking a stay in each of their rooms. It includes the common room amenities each accommodation share, their maximum capacities, bed types, and which floor they are located. This is helpful especially if you’re traveling with a big group. You can easily check which rooms can accommodate all of you and your needs.


Promos_Royale Chulan The Curve_New Website Look

An easy-to-digest layout and a short summary of what you can get from each promo — that’s what the Promos page is all about. It’s so clean, no clutter to distract you from really looking at which promos you can take advantage of.


Location_Royale Chulan The Curve_New Website Look

Chances are, you already have an itinerary going to Kuala Lumpur. But the Royale Chulan The Curve Locations page also has commuting details and suggestions on key destinations you might want to check out. So now you can add more details in your itinerary by adding how you can get around KL, and to and from the hotel. Plus places you didn’t know were near the hotel location.

So go check out Royale Chulan The Curve’s newest look and see how booking with them is made even easier.