You Should Definitely Try These Brunch Spots in Petaling Jaya

You’d think brunch is something we get to indulge in every now and then. But between our busy work schedules and our constant effort to enliven our social lives, we really don’t have much time for a slow-pace, peaceful brunch. So we once we do get the time to have one, it has to be an epic brunch, one you’ll be raving about for weeks on end. At Petaling Jaya, hotels aren’t the only thing worth visiting; it’s also home to some of the best brunch cafes in the country.

So apart from tourist destinations and awesome hotels at Petaling Jaya, here is a list of brunch spots you should definitely check out on your visit.

The Good Batch

Located at Damansara Uptown, The Good Batch offers an all-day breakfast menu to all of its patrons. They serve a blend of Western breakfast favourites with delectable Malaysian flavours. The Good Batch also serves some of the best cup of joe in Petaling Jaya. Their coffee beans are named after “Fei Hang”, after a Chinese martial artist; and it is a unique blend that has its origin in Brazil and India. Just imagine the rich taste of dark chocolate with a hazelnut overtone that is to die for.

Underground Société

From the team that brought you Coffee Société at Solaris Dutamas and Garage 51 at Bandar Sunway, comes an artistic dining experience and a focus on alternative lifestyle. In terms of design, Underground Société has a very hip and casual vibe; which is to say, the whole restaurant looks super cool, amateur photographers would definitely love its aesthetic. As for the food, their menu has brought brunch to a whole new level. With dishes like Grilled Slipper Lobster Benedict with Poached Eggs and Foyot Sauce in Underground Bun –saying it and eating it is certainly a mouth full.

The Curious Goat

Owners Nathanael, Kevin, and Andy trained at Coffee Société to bring patrons some of the best tasting java in Petaling Jaya. They use a single-origin Sulawesi Toraja provided by coffee roaster, Sprezzatura. For this reason, their coffee is richer and much more robust; if you are not used to such a strong cup of joe, expect to be awake for a couple of hours. Other than their coffee, The Curious Goat is famous for their graffiti murals done by Australian artist Steve Browne.


Usually, when people talk of casual restaurants, they tend to describe it as very rustic, with a couple touches of wood or metal. But Thirdwave has completely re-defined what rustic is supposed to be, offering patrons a very laid-back setting without hinging on the wood or metal decor some of its peers wasn’t able to avoid. Thirdwave is known for their innovative menu, offering dishes like beetroot gnocchi with crispy kale and spinach, scotch egg and Danish smørrebrød, and more. Not to mention, their handcrafted coffee brews were made by an award-winning barista.

Go on and sleep in all you want on your Petaling Jaya visit; but make sure to give any of these spots an visit. Don’t forget to wear your eating pants!